Electrical & Lighting

Electrical equipment supplies power to facilities and work projects. Electrical products and power management supplies can be used to run equipment and install electrical systems into buildings. Wires, fittings, and switches are necessary for making repairs to electrical systems. Circuit breakers, push buttons, and other electrical parts can be used to create electrical components. Conduit and strut channels organize, route, and protect wire and cable. Portable power supplies keep job sites up and running when wired electricity is not available.

Lighting products illuminate workplaces, emergency situations, and specific tasks or locations. Light bulbs and lamps add or replace a fixture's light source. Ballasts and drivers regulate current and voltage flowing to a fixture's light source. Lighting fixtures supply light indoors. Outdoor lighting fixtures resist moisture and withstand weather exposure and temperature fluctuations to light outdoor or partially exposed locations. Emergency and exit lighting provides illumination and direction to guide people out of buildings during a power loss or other emergency. Task lights, jobsite lights, and flashlights supply temporary lighting to brighten unlit spaces and supplement general lighting. Lamp disposal products properly discard and recycle used light bulbs. Lighting controls operate light fixtures and manage energy use.