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Starrett 472 Screw Pitch Gage, 4-84TPI, 51 Leaves

UPC: 049659524840 | Harmonization (Schedule B): 9017.30.8000

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Starrett 472 Screw Pitch Gage is a thread pitch gauge set containing 51 leaves for measuring the number of threads per inch. This metric thread pitch gauge has a steel case with folding leaves that allows you to measure both narrow and wide pitches. The tool comes with flattened teeth on its narrow design, making it easier to read measurements. With four to 84 TPI ranges, this thread pitch gage has 4 to 84 TPI included threads and 60 degrees thread angle. It also features 51 leaves for increased accuracy when reading measurements. Whether you are an industrial worker or hobbyist, this Starrett 472 Screw Pitch Gage will prove useful in your work.

Item Thread Pitch Gauge Set
Construction Steel Case With Folding Leaves
Type V, Unified, American National
Number of Leaves 51
Range of Pitches per Inch 4 to 84 TPI
Thread Angle (Deg.) 60
Leaves Narrow Design With Flattened Teeth
Locking Device Yes
Thread Type Metric
Included Threads per Inch 4 to 84 TPI
Maximum Thread Pitch - mm 84
Thread Angle 60 Degrees
Gauge Material Steel
Minimum Thread Pitch - mm 4
TPI Range 4 to 84 TPI
Package Quantity 1