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Malco DSKR General Hand Tool Kit, 30 Pcs.

UPC: 686046536736 | Harmonization (Schedule B): 8206.00.0000

SKU KV10Z846
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Malco's DSKR General Hand Tool Kit is a complete set of 30 professional-grade tools that will come in handy for any job. - This kit contains a wide range of hand tools, including measuring tools and striking tools. - It has hex and torx keys, as well as screwdrivers. - In addition to this, it also includes hex key set, drilling, extracting and tapping tools. The Malco DSKR General Hand Tool Kit is the perfect solution for all your tool needs.

Number of Pieces 30
Includes (100 Ea.) Zip-Ins and Bit-Tips
Tool Storage Type Included Bag
Sub-Category HVAC Tool Set
Number of Screwdrivers 56
Nut Drivers and Nutsetters Included 1/4 in, 5/16 in Nut Drivers
Tool Kit Product Grouping Tool Kits
Tool Storage Included Yes
Tool Families Included Awls and Scribers, Cutting Tools, Drilling, Extracting, and Tapping Tools, Hex and Torx Keys, Measuring Tools, Nut Drivers and Nutsetters, Screwdrivers, Striking Tools, Miscellaneous Tools
Number of Nut Drivers and Nutsetters 2
Miscellaneous Tools Included 5-Pipe Crimper, Divider, Folding Tool, Hand Notcher, Hand Seamer, Offset Duct Stretcher, Snap Lock Punch, Tie Tool
Insulated / Uninsulated Uninsulated
Number of Awls and Scribers 2
Number of Hex and Torx Keys 7
Number of Miscellaneous Tools 4
Drilling, Extracting, and Tapping Tools Hole Cutter
Nonsparking No
Drilling, Extracting, and Tapping Tools Included Hole Cutter
Striking Tools Included Dead Blow, Setting Hammers
Item HVAC Tool Kit
Measuring Tools Included 16 ft Magnetic Tape Measure, Torpedo Level
Hex and Torx Keys Included Hex Key Set
Awls and Scribers Included 1/8 in, 7/32 in Scratch Awls
Number of Measuring Tools 2
Screwdrivers Included 6-in-1 Multibit Phillips
Number of Drilling, Extracting, and Tapping Tools 1
Cutting Tools Included Aviation Snips Left, Right, and Bulldog, 14 in Aluminum Pattern Snip, TurboShear, 6 in Reciprocating Saw Blade 24T
Number of Striking Tools 2
Number of Cutting Tools 7
Number of Wrenches 0
Number of Inspection and Retrieving Tools 0
Number of Pliers 0
Measurement Type SAE
Number of HVAC Tools 5
Number of Striking and Struck Tools 4
Abrasives and Finishing Tools Included None
Tool Storage Type Tool Bag
Number of Abrasives and Finishing Tools 0
Number of Plumbing Tools 0
Measuring and Testing Tools Included (1) Radius Divider, (1) Tape Measure, (1) Level
Non-Sparking No
Number of Screwdrivers, Keys, and Bits 6
Screwdrivers, Keys, and Bits Included (1) Hex Key, (1) Multi-Bit Screwdriver, (2) Hex Drivers
Number of Electrical and Telecom Tools 0
Foam Inserts Included No
Drivers, Keys, & Bits Included Hex Screwdrivers, Multi-Bit Screwdrivers
Number of Sockets, Drive Tools, and Accessories 0
Sockets, Drive Tools, and Accessories Included None
Number of Measuring and Testing Tools 3
Number of Putty Knives and Scrapers 0
Striking and Struck Tools Included (2) Hammers, (2) Awls
Plumbing Tools Included None
Electrical and Telecom Tools Included None
HVAC Tools Included Folding Tools, Hand Seamers, Snap Lock Punches
Drivers and Bits Included In Set Hex Keys, Multi-Bit Screwdrivers
HVAC Tools Included In Set Duct Stretchers, Hand Seamers, Snap Lock Punches
Cutting Tools Included In Set Shears, Specialty Cutting Tools
Package Quantity 1