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Lincoln ED032928 MIG Welding Wire: Carbon Steel, ER70S-6, 0.045 in, 33 lb, Plastic Spool, SuperArc L-56

UPC: 015082881966 | Harmonization (Schedule B): 7229.20.0010

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The Lincoln ED032928 is an ER70S-6 MIG welding wire designed for carbon steel. It contains 0.045 inch diameter wires on a 33 lb plastic spool, providing a powerful SuperArc L-56 output. This welding wire delivers superior feedability and arc performance, making it an ideal choice for most welding projects.

For Welding Position Flat, Horizontal, Overhead, Vertical-Down, Vertical-Up
Compatible Shielding Gas 100% Carbon Dioxide, 75% Argon/25% Carbon Dioxide, 90% Argon/10% Carbon Dioxide, 98% Argon/2% Oxygen
Welding Current Designation DCEP
Standards AWS A5.18, MIL-E-23765/1: MIL-70S-6
Shielding Type Gas-Shielded
Item MIG Welding Wire
Weight 33 lb
Tensile Strength (As Welded) 81 ksi (100% Carbon Dioxide), 82 ksi (75% Argon/25% Carbon Dioxide), 84 ksi (90% Argon/10% Carbon Dioxide), 82 ksi (98% Argon/2% Oxygen)
Wire Type Solid
Tensile Strength (Minimum Required) 70 ksi
Elongation (Minimum Required) 22 %
For Material Type Carbon Steel to Carbon Steel
Elongation (As Welded) 29% (100% Carbon Dioxide), 27% (75% Argon/25% Carbon Dioxide), 28% (90% Argon/10% Carbon Dioxide), 27% (98% Argon/2% Oxygen)
Yield Strength (As Welded) 64 ksi (100% Carbon Dioxide), 67 ksi (75% Argon/25% Carbon Dioxide), 68 ksi (90% Argon/10% Carbon Dioxide), 66 ksi (98% Argon/2% Oxygen)
Process MIG Welding (GMAW)
Finish/Coating Copper-Coated
AWS Classification ER70S-6
Material Carbon Steel
Yield Strength (Minimum Required) 58 ksi
Series SuperArc L-56
Spool Type Plastic Spool
For Joining Carbon Steel to Carbon Steel
Yield Strength (As Welded) (Merch) 64 ksi to 68 ksi
Series (Description) SuperArc L-56
Maximum Yield Strength (As Welded) 60 to 69 ksi
Tensile Strength (As Welded) (Merch) 81 ksi to 84 ksi
Maximum Tensile Strength (As Welded) 80 to 89 ksi
Package Quantity 1