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Hobart FD4/150+BUILDUP Disposer Basic Unit Only 1-1/2 HP

UPC: | Harmonization (Schedule B): 8479.82.0080

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Hobart Disposers are well recognized for quality and capacity. They’re designed with your needs in mind – built with a large capacity for food wastes.


  • Motors: Continuous duty rating, equipped with manual reset thermal overload inherent protector. Permanently lubricated ball bearings for upper and lower shelf support. Upper bearing is sealed on both sides.
  • Housings: Heavy aluminum grind and discharge housings. Four bolts fasten the motor unit to the grind chamber, permit easy removal.
  • Mounting: All Hobart disposers (except when using accessory group E), fasten to 7" I.D. (throat opening) cones. A vinyl isolating ring eliminates metal-to-metal contact at the cone mounting, reduces vibration and noise transmission.
  • Stationary Shredder Ring: 13 ⁄4" high, 4 machine ground primary action breaker bars, 42 secondary action grinding teeth.
  • Flywheel: Breaker blade, mounted at center, speeds grinding, prevents objects from “riding” at center. Two hardened stainless steel cutter blocks (fastened to flywheel with nylock screws) are replaceable, can be indexed for new cutting edges. Ni-Resist flywheel is 63 ⁄16" diameter, slots undercut the shredder ring to assure that particles are cut to proper size before passing to the drain line.
  • Motor Shaft Seal: Seal is a high quality, cartridge style mechanical face seal. The rotating mating ring matches to a wear resistant seal surface.
  • Drain Connector: A chrome plated brass tailpiece is provided for connection to a 11 ⁄2" standard drain trap.
  • Dual Directional Grinding: All disposers operate in either direction of flywheel rotation. Direction of rotation can be controlled by the operator (to increase life and efficiency of grinding elements — back flywheel free of a “jam”) when installed with Control Groups 5 & 6.