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FLUKE-87-5/CWG Digital Multimeter, 1,000 Max. AC Volts, 1,000 Max. DC Volts, 10 Max. AC Amps, 10 Max. DC Amps

UPC: 095969261111 | Harmonization (Schedule B): 9030.32.0000

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Digital Multimeter, Audible Continuity Yes, Basic AC Voltage Accuracy +/-(0.7 Percent + 2), Basic DC Voltage Accuracy +/-0.05 Percent + 1 Digit, Data Hold Yes, Basic DC Current Accuracy +/-(0.2 Percent + 2), Instrument Safety Rating CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, Maximum AC Voltage Measurement 1,000 V, Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 1,000 V, Instrument Counts 6,000/19,999, Special Features Adjustable Speed Motor Drive Test Function, Maximum AC Current Measurement 10 A
Multimeter Style Full Size - General Features
Item Digital Multimeter
Instrument Counts 6000/19,999
Basic DC Accuracy +/-0.05% of Reading + 1 Digit
Instrument Safety Rating CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V
Max. AC Volts 1,000
Max. DC Volts 1,000
Max. AC Amps 10
Max. DC Amps 10
Audible Continuity Yes
Max. Ohms 50 megohm
Battery Type 9V Alkaline
Auto Power Off Yes
AC Response TRMS
Min./Max. Memory yes
Capacitance Range 1 nF to 9999 uF
Temp. Range -328 Degrees to 1994 Degrees F
Calibration Certificate Included Yes
Instrument Frequency Counter Range 0.5 Hz to 200 kHz
Display Backlit LCD
NIST Certification By Techni-Tool
Peak Hold Yes
Includes 9V Battery (Installed), Printed QSG, Temp Probe, Test Leads,Alligator Clips
Special Features Adjustable Speed Motor Drive Test Function
Series FLUKE (R) Fluke-87-V
Data Logging Yes
Diode Test Yes
Auto Ranging Yes
Duty Cycle Yes
Standards ANSI/ISA S82.01, CE, EN61010-1, SA, UL
Bar Graph Yes
Data Hold Yes
Intrinsically Safe No
Multimeter Features_COMBINED Data Logging
Data Logging - New_BROAD Data Logging
Resistance Measurement Accuracy +/-0.2%
Minimum Temperature Measurement -328 Degrees F
MERCH HOLD ACCURACY +/-0.05% + 1 Digit +/-(0.7% + 2) +/-(0.2% + 2) +/-(1.0% + 2) +/-(1% + 2) +/-(0.005% + 1) +/-2.00% +/-0.2%
Battery Voltage 9V
Thermal Imaging No
Maximum Resistance Measurement 50 megaohm
Battery Chemistry Alkaline
Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 1,000 V
MERCH HOLD - DMM Features No No No No No No No
Multimeter Features Data Logging
Maximum Temperature Measurement 1,994 Degrees F
Safety Rating_SUBHEAD CAT III 1000V; CAT IV 600V
AC Response Calculation TRMS
AC Current Measurement Resolution Not Applicable
Minimum Capacitance Measurement 1 nF
Fuse Access Yes
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution Not Applicable
Removable Screen No
DC Current Measurement Resolution Not Applicable
Current Leakage Testing No
Intrinsically Safe - ADDITIONAL FEATURES Data Logging
Frequency Measurement Resolution 0.5 Hz
DC Voltage Measurement Resolution Not Applicable
Basic AC Voltage Accuracy +/-(0.7% + 2)
Maximum AC Voltage Measurement 1,000 V
Batteries Included Yes
Software Included No
Maximum AC Current Measurement 10 A
Bluetooth Compatible_ADDITIONAL FEATURES Data Logging
Minimum/Maximum Memory Yes
Minimum DC Voltage Measurement 0 V
Dustproof No
Temperature Measurement Accuracy +/-2.00%
Display Type Backlit LCD
Basic DC Current Accuracy +/-(0.2% + 2)
Minimum AC Voltage Measurement 0 V
Resistance Measurement Resolution Not Applicable
NIST Certification By Manufacturer Techni-Tool
Minimum DC Current Measurement 0 mA
Maximum Frequency Measurement 200 kHz
Minimum AC Current Measurement 0 mA
Multimeter Features_Filter_BACKGROUND Data Logging FLUKE-87-5/CWG
Capacitance Measurement Accuracy +/-(1% + 2)
Bluetooth Compatible No
Frequency Measurement Accuracy +/-(0.005% + 1)
Style Full Size
Bar Graph Included Yes
Maximum DC Current Measurement 10 A
Maximum Storage Temperature 140 Degrees F
Weight 624 g
Basic AC Current Accuracy +/-(1.0% + 2)
Maximum Capacitance Measurement 9,999 uF
Parameters Measured AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Conductance, DC Current, DC Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature (K)
Battery Access Yes
Basic DC Voltage Accuracy +/-0.05% + 1 Digit
Min-Max-Avg Button Included Yes
Minimum Frequency Measurement 0.5 Hz
Maximum Operating Temperature 131 Degrees F
Waterproof No
Minimum Storage Temperature -40 Degrees F
Thermal Imaging_ADDITIONAL FEATURES Data Logging
Computer Interface Connection Type None
Minimum Operating Temperature -4 Degrees F
Dustproof Waterproof_ADDITIONAL FEATURES Data Logging
Capacitance Measurement Resolution 1 nF
Package Quantity 1