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FLUKE-1587 FC/WWG Insulation Multimeter 0.01 megaohm to 2 gigohm, CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V, Battery, Digital

UPC: 095969797313 | Harmonization (Schedule B): 9030.32.0000

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Insulation Multimeter, Backlit Digital Display Yes, Bluetooth Compatible Yes, CAT Safety Rating CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, Calibration Certificate None, Capacitance Auto Discharge Yes, Display Type Digital, Dustproof No, Greater Than 30V Warning Yes, Includes Alligator Clip, Hard Case, K-Type Thermocouple, Remote Probe, Test Leads, Insulation Limit Alarm No, Maximum Insulation Resistance 2 gigohm, Minimum Insulation Resistance 0.01 megaohm, PI/DAR Testing Yes
Max. AC Volts 1,000
Max. DC Volts 1,000
Max. AC Amps 400 mA
Max. DC Amps 400 mA
Resistance Range 0 to 50 megohm
Interface Bluetooth
Auto Power Off Yes
Display Digital LCD with Backlit
Calibration Certificate None
Includes Alligator Clip, Hard Case, K-Type Thermocouple, Remote Probe, Test Leads
Insulation Resistance Range 0.01 megaohm to 2 gigohm
Temp. Range -40 Degrees to 998 Degrees F
Power Source Battery
Features Insulation Resistance Test Results Wirelessly with Your Smartphone
Data Logging 6000
Auto Ranging Yes
Output Test Voltage 50/100/250/500/1000V DC
Live Circuit Detection Greater Than 30V
Capacitance Range 1000 nF to 9999 uF
Diode Test Yes
Safety Rating CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V
Standards IEC 61326-1, IEC 61326-2-2 CISPR 11
Meter Type Insulation Multimeter
Product Type Tester Only
Display Type Digital
Parameters Measured Insulation Resistance
Communication Protocol Bluetooth
CAT Safety Rating CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V
Megohmmeter Features Bluetooth-Compatible
Number of Digits 5
Number of Records Stored 6,000
Operating Voltage 1,000V
Bluetooth Compatible Yes
Includes Batteries Yes
IP Rating IP40
Capacitance Auto Discharge Yes
Maximum Operating Temperature 998 Degrees F
PI/DAR Testing Yes
Dustproof No
Leakage Current Range 1.0 mA
Minimum AC Current Measured 0.1 mA
Testing Functions Insulation
Minimum AC Voltage Measured 600 mV
Maximum AC Current Measured 400 mA
Data Logger Yes
Input Impedance 10 megaohm
Battery Chemistry Alkaline
Maximum Insulation Resistance 2 gigohm
Greater Than 30V Warning Yes
Number of Batteries Required 4
Pass/Fail Selection Limits No
Insulation Resistance Resolution 0.01 megaohm to 2 gigaohm
Timed Ramp Voltage Test Yes
USB Data Download Included No
Test Voltage 1,000V DC, 100V DC, 250V DC, 500V DC, 50V DC
Remote Test Probe Included Yes
Backlit Digital Display Yes
Minimum Insulation Resistance 0.01 megaohm
Test Current 400 mA
Insulation Limit Alarm No
Minimum Capacitance Measured 1,000 nF
Minimum DC Voltage Measured 6 V
Maximum Capacitance Measured 9,999 nF
Maximum DC Voltage Measured 1,000 V
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 Degrees F
Maximum DC Current Measured 400 mA
Waterproof No
Maximum AC Voltage Measured 1,000 V
Resistance Accuracy +/-3.00% +5 digits
Display Screen Type LCD
Live Circuit Voltage Greater Than30V