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Billy Pugh OMB-2 (2) Person OSHA Man Basket 4' x 4' x 7' Sling Sold Separately

UPC: | Harmonization (Schedule B): 8431.49.90

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Billy Pugh Company’s OSHA Man Basket (OMB) is a crane suspended basket used to lift workers into the air. Our baskets provide sufficient room for workers and tools, a safety hand rail, and an access gate that opens inwardly. The OSHA man baskets are built to OSHA standards and are heavy duty steel. These man baskets are used for a variety of applications both on and offshore when a heavy OSHA spec man rider is necessary. Baskets are available in 2 or 4 person models. Test weights for each are also available. Sling Sold Separately.

Dimensions: 48 in x 48 in x 91 in
Weight: 550 Lbs (140.6 Kg)