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Amerex 673 Wheeled Fire Extinguisher 65 lb Extinguisher Capacity, 4A:80B:C, Halotron

UPC: | Harmonization (Schedule B): 8424.10.0000

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Wheeled Fire Extinguisher, Charging Rechargeable, Cylinder Color Red, Cylinder Diameter 28 in, Cylinder Height 58 in, Cylinder Material Steel, Discharge Time 22 sec, Extinguisher Capacity 65 lb, Extinguisher Class ABC, Extinguishing Agent Material Composition Halotron, Extinguishing Agent Type Dry Chemical
Extinguish Agent Type Halotron
Valve Material Brass
Standards UL 2129/ UL 711
Wheel Type Semi Pneumatic
Range Max. 45 ft
Operating Pressure 100 psi
Cylinder Material Steel
Item Wheeled Fire Extinguisher
UL Rating 4A:60B:C
Discharge Time 22 sec
Pressure Type Stored
Features Brass Hose Fittings, Integral Lift Loops, Large Instruction Pictogram, Live Swivels on Discharge Valve, Quick-Opening Valves, Reflective Stripes, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Stainless Steel Gauge Guard
Includes Instruction Labels and Tags
Maximum Operating Pressure 100 psi
Charging Rechargeable
For Environment Outdoor High Hazard
Extinguisher Capacity 65 lb
Extinguishing Agent Material Composition Halotron
For Fire Type Fabrics, Electrical Equipment, Gasoline, Lacquer, Plastics, Oils, Paint, Paper, Rubber, Tar, Wood
Cylinder Color Red
Fill Type Charged and Filled
Maximum Operating Temperature 120 Degrees F
Extinguisher Class BC
Extinguishing Agent Type Dry Chemical
Maximum Discharge Distance 45 ft
Usable Life 6 yr
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 Degrees F
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor