Acorn 2563-010-001 Diaphragm Assembly For Air-Trol(R), 1.44 in x 0.46 in x 1.44 in Size

by Acorn

Prison-toilet flush-valve diaphragm repair parts are kits for replacing diaphragm-type assemblies within a flush valve (flushometer) to restore proper flushing and sealing. The diaphragm assembly regulates pressure inside the valve using a flexible rubber disc (diaphragm) that seals the valve seat after each flush. A diaphragm that becomes worn or warped may either stick in place to prevent flushing or fail to seal so that the toilet keeps running. Also known as a retro kit, inside parts kit, or drop-in-kit, these kits include a new diaphragm as well as other parts of the assembly that may need replacing to complete the repair.

Type Lavatories
Fits Brand Acorn
For Use With Lavatories and Combination Toilet with Lavatories
Includes Diaphragm and Diaphragm Retainer
Item Water Diaphragm Assembly
Package Quantity 1